Comic 588 - Not dead just busy 07
24th Dec 2017, 9:41 AM in Chapter Eleven: Maboroshi
Not dead just busy 07
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Author Notes:
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This is just a summary on what happened in one of my dreams. New pages are being made but this will come out today:

I am part of a team looking to confirm some information about a cultist summoning situation in the middle of an amusement park. Given that big strike teams can gather attention everything on the operation was pulled that “everyone checks all the places looking for any clue and keeping constant feedback”.
Eventually I get to a restaurant and just communicate “If I don’t talk back in 5 minutes I hit the jackpot. And if you hear me order some food it is safe and I am taking my lunch break.” Thing is that a couple of minutes in I not only that it is where the thing was going down but also that the summoning is going underway. The summoner was using the stage as a way to disguise some of the stuff via theatrics and had the public captive in the chant.
First thing I note that everything is too advanced to be subtle about “bringing the hammer” so I communicate to the rest of the team “Get in here we have a situation too big to be subtle. We can clean up better if we don’t have to clear what the summoner is calling for.” The chant seems to be not on “Ftaghn Rlyeh Cthulhu” but on something more sinister and damaging so time is of the essence so I have not only to find a way to break the hold via trying to stage over and break the cultist summoner’s trance making idea and silencing the public to make sure the chant got stopped. The reason I couldn’t do the behind the scenes was that a part of the component was somewhat visual and I had not access to certain tools like sleeping drugs and darts. However doing so made me a target of the cultist that not only manages to get to outmaneuver me as I silence the audience via getting back and try to choke me to death. I know I have to survive until the cavalry arrives so I try not only to save from an arm choke while the cultist tries to multitask between killing me with an arm and trying to resume the act via making everyone try to start chanting again. At that point I am aware that not only I am lifted and choked by one arm, and my legs aren’t hitting the ground so while being choked I try to figure the places of the body so I try via swinging the legs in the air to do a groin attack so the choke hold diminishes and I can breathe normally rather than an “arms assisted anti choke air passage”. At this point I wake up.