Comic 565 - Cutting corners due to effects being hard pt11
4th Jun 2017, 4:35 PM in Chapter Eleven: Maboroshi
Cutting corners due to effects being hard pt11
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Author Notes:
pipo edit delete
Next week I am going to put up some filler so you guys take some good air and a good walk.
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Chippewa Ghost edit delete reply
Chippewa Ghost
bruh, no excuses

hit up the youtube if you need lessons in technique, there's no reason we aren't all kings of the world and masters of our craft, regardless of our chosen weapons
pipo edit delete reply
Well I should have explained: Effects being hard, while I won't deny I am trying to keep up with the skills as you have pointed out, it is mostly on the factor time.

I should have put "Cutting corners due to effects being hard on my schedule" and it would still sound vague. Time is perhaps something I am struggling to manage between all of the stuff I do and yet I work on putting things. I am not a master of the pencil and I work to get better but when time is scarce, due to schedule being packed with work, then I just try to fulfill the self appointed deadline.

On another note it is mostly that I wasn't ready to change the page names for this section just yet... that one is pure laziness of my part and you can whack me with a nerf bat behind the head for that one.

Also thanks for taking your time to comment.
For all your attention thanks.