Comic 425 - Sorry: malwared
16th Feb 2014, 3:15 PM in Chapter Eight: Old Sin
Sorry: malwared
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Author Notes:
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A photo from The Guardian (UK newspaper) photo contest, no strip today nor in many days until things are fixed.

I can put this in few words: I'm really sorry. Got hit by a malware (hijacker from Torch) which fried me up as a nice toast.

Long Version: Got hit by a real nasty Malware from the Torch firm (who else owns iLivid) that literally fried the software and even took down the printer part of the OS when I finally removed it. I didn't notice it until it started hijacking my browsers and started doing some damage, for more information on most of the steps for removal please go here: ( ) , however given that I was hit by a hijacker variant and it meant new tactics (and the list of stuff to remove it is different from most removals when you get hit by the first wave of the stuff) and a lot of losses so I will only drop the warning for now. I will see if I can work around the problem now that I am clean but I'm heading for a clean install and searching for the disk.

Not wishing that to anyone but just be careful if you see that ilivid ad please go and run your anti spyware fast before it nests when you shut down the machine.

New pages will be drawn and even if I have 7 on the stack I can't do a thing (the workaround could work only for a couple of days until I get a fix for this).